Pilates Near Me!?

Very often people open Google and type: "Pilates near me". That's it! No more information or questions to Mr Know It All. They just want to know if there is a Pilates studio or Pilates classes close to their homes.

However, would the studio closest to your home be the most suitable and/or reliable?

To help you find good and trustworthy Pilates classes in Montreal. We decided to write this.

Is there a Pilates Studio Near Me?

Very likely there is one, or several, actually... But is it the best one for your needs and goals? Most probably: not. Pilates has become a very popular activity. And more and more instructors are starting to offer classes. The big problem is: not all of them are certified.

We don't want to criticize anyone, but here at Revitalise we take people's health very seriously! Doing an exercise the wrong way can really harm your body, sometimes even permanently. And that's not OK by any stretch.

Pilates near me? Yes! At Revitalise in Montreal!
Pilates helps you with your balance and strength

Another issue is the quality of the Pilates studio. Do they have good equipment? Machines? Do they call an expert to inspect their Reformer or Stability Chair from time to time? Do the instructors take part in seminars and/or do they keep studying to make sure they will always offer the best and more advanced techniques to their clients?

We can make all these questions because here, at Revitalise's Pilates Studio, we do it all and even more. And we believe you (and your body) deserve to have a good time while practicing Pilates.

But don't worry! We will advise you how to make sure you are not spending your money in bad Pilates sessions. Either you chose us or not. Maybe someone is reading this post and not even here in Montreal! But it will help you no matter where you are.

Do not chose a Pilates Studio by the distance, but for its quality!

So, you took time to google "Pilates near me". Probably you are excited to find a good place to sign in for a couse. Maybe you know already all the benefits that Pilates can bring to your life such as:

  • The improvement of your overall flexibility;

  • Increases your muscle strength (and tone);

  • Improves the control of your back and limbs;

  • Increases your balance in general;

  • You will be able to concentrate more;

  • You will increase the capacity of your lungs

  • It will be more easier to manage your stress;

  • And much more!

How do you know you will get all these benefits and even more, instead of putting your health in danger? One of the most important aspects to take in consideration it's to chose a Pilates instructor who holds a reliable certification. A certificate given by one of the leading Pilates methods or "schools". I will introduce you some of them.

Pilates Certifications

STOTT PILATES® Education method

It's the one we use here at Revitalise. And we really believe it's the best out there.

Logo of the Stott Pilates certification. The best you will find in Montreal (Hochelaga)

The co-founders: Lindsay G. Merrithew and Moira Merrithew created a contemporary approach for Joseph Pilates' original method.

They teamed up with specialized professionals from different areas such as: physical therapy, fitness teachers and sports medicine. And after three decades they have been refining the STOTT Pilates method.

Using the services of a STOTT certified professional you will take full advantage of the Mat and Reformer Pilates.

You can watch this short video to understand better about the method:

Balanced Body

It's one of the biggest in the market. And another well-known certification. They offer a lot of free videos for people interested in do Pilates at home.

Another certification of Pilates that you probably find in Montreal
Balanced Body

This is what they have to say about their education method:

"A Balanced Body Pilates education respectfully and comprehensively presents the works of Joseph Pilates. Our signature approach teaches the repertoire, movement principles, class design and client specific applications of each exercise.

BASI Pilates

BASI stands for: Body Arts and Sciences International. They have certified people all around the planet. As the others, you can find a lot of videos and free material over their website.

They have more than 30 years of teaching.

One more certification you can have in Pilates
basi Pilates


There others Pilates certifications. But not all of them have a studio in the City of Montreal. Some examples are: Power Pilates, Romana's Pilates, Polestar Pilates, PhysicalMind and others.

OK! Now you know that you need to make sure the Pilates studio or instructor you are going to call is a certified one. And not someone that just watched some youtube videos and decided to teach others.

When you call ask which certification he/she has. And go check it out online! Most of the more recognized institutions have a "Find an Instructor" section.

Bellow you can see Revitalise main instructor, Andreia Dourado, on the STOTT PILATES website as an example:

A Pilates instructor close to you
Andréia Dourado a STOTT Pilates certified instructor

By now you may be convinced that our Pilates classes should be good. And you are not wrong. If you live in Montreal why not pay a visit to us?

Is your Pilates studio near me?

We may be closer than you think. We are literally few steps away of the Cadillac Metro station. Don't take my word, check yourself:

We have several Pilates machines and accessories. Reformer, Mat, Ladder Barrel, Stability Chair and much more.

We offer Pilates classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Private or group.

Revitalise is specialized in Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates as well.

*We provide receipts for your insurance.*

If you are not convinced, don't worry. You can book a free trial class! And then you decide if you want to sign up or not.

See you!

Revitalise Beauté et Santé

Andréia Dourado

Pilates Instructor - STOTT Pilates

(514) 9299563


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