The Gasquet Method ( pregnancy and Post-Partum) in Montreal

Updated: Jan 13

Pregnancy is a moment dreamed of by many women. This period brings many changes that can be physiological, physical, mental, and social challenging. It is an intense phase, full of transformations and meanings for women. During this period, women need to give extra attention to themselves, especially to their health. All planning is necessary to avoid complications before, during, and even after delivery.

Many factors can impact the life of a pregnant woman, such as weight gain, changing of the center of gravity (increasing the risk of falls), breast enlargement (causing discomfort and back pain), sciatic nerve pain (which can be aggravated during pregnancy), pain and instability in the hip (the hormone relaxin can act making the joints more unstable and subject to injury), increasing heart rate (and as a result, increasing fatigue and the feeling of tiredness).

Many women also feel the need to sleep more (due to the increased energy spent with the formation of the embryo), breathing difficulties (due to the change in the position of the internal organs and changes in posture compressing the diaphragm), enlargement of the uterus to accommodate the baby, increase in IAP abdominal that can cause umbilical hernias, increased anxiety, swelling and edema in pregnancy (by increasing circulating fluids), altered posture (more frequently severe gravitational hyperlordosis, which can cause a lot of pain and discomfort in the lower back), abdominal diastasis (separation of the rectus abdominis muscles) that can persist even in the postpartum period, difficulties sleeping (finding a comfortable position can be a real challenge), development of gestational diabetes, increase in blood pressure, reflux, changes in mood and, in some pregnant women, changes in body image, discomfort of urinary incontinence, changes and dysfunctions in the muscles pelvic (perineum) and other conditions that were not even mentioned.

Fortunately, some professionals are working hard to help women during this period. My mission is to ensure that my pregnant clients will go over this phase as comfortable as possible, free of pain and complications - respecting their peculiarities. That is the reason why I decided to join the course and get the Gasquet Method certification.

The Gasquet method was created and designed by the French doctor and Yoga professor Dr. Bernadette de Gasquet. This method is based on yoga exercises designed for each trimester of pregnancy. It was the first method created exclusively for pregnant women, taking into account each woman's transformations and anatomo-physiology.

There are three important principles of the method:

  1. Hip positioning: All exercises should start with the pelvis's positioning, with the contraction of the abdominals, breathing, and activation of the perineum.

  2. Axial growth or self-growth: It lessens the action of gravity on the joints like muscle tensions. The shoulder and pelvis line should not come together to avoid overload the intervertebral discs and cause herniated discs.

  3. Breathing: We always start with the exhalation, from the bottom upwards, activating the pelvic floor and deep musculature: the transverse abdominal muscle.

I had the great privilege of training with the creator of the method, Dr. Bernadette. I could enrich my professional intervention with so much knowledge and sensitivity and bring the benefits of the practice to my current and future clients.

You can benefit from this method in your home's comfort and safety since our classes are taught through the Zoom platform. Some accessories are used, such as elastic, pregnant cushion, and the ball. We can also use your kitchen chair or a smooth wall, as several exercises are performed freely.

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