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Revitalise Beauté et Santé 

Pilates, Kinesiology, Pregnancy and Post partum (De Gasquet Method), Low-Pressure Fitness and  Auriculotherapy

Studio de Pilates in Montreal

We are a wellness clinic located in Montreal.  
You have to be attentive to your body during your day. We are here to help you find your physical and mental balance. We welcome you in a warm environment from Monday to Saturday for Pilates Sessions (Reformer, Ladder Barrel, Stability Chair, and Cadillac), Low-pressure Fitness, Hypopressants, and Auriculotherapy.


Andreia Dourado

Instructrice Pilates- Kinésiologue

"I love alternative medicine and believe that all change starts with a movement"

Aline Barbosa Revitalise

Aline Barbosa

Instructrice Pilates- Kinésiologue

"Physical form is the first condition necessary for happiness"

Giovanna Borges Revitalise

Giovanna Borges

Spécialiste Marketing

“Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.”


  Tel: 514-929-9563

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"I’m very happy with Andreia and the whole team. They provide a great service, are very competent and amazing people. I highly recommend Revitalise Beauté & Santé."

Linda Gomes

I love Revitalise's service and great professionals. I definitely recommend all the services there, also because it's a good place and location. Thank you girls for being so thoughtful!

Larissa Rey

"I love my Pilates classes here! Calm and friendly environment and, of course, AWESOME results!!!"

Thiago Lugarini Silva